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François Veynandt, Rapsodee Laboratory, Ecole des Mines Albi, France

Learning Outcomes 

  • Study a solar concentrator based on a portion of a parabola curve, with interesting optical characteristics. 
  • Study optical losses on a concentrating solar technology. 
  • Search for information on solar resources and agric +

Author: Mike Clifford, The University of Nottingham

This case study looks at improved cookstoves, drawing from project experiences of the organisation Practical Action, with additional input coming from The University of Nottingham. Many stoves with which people cook are fuel inefficient and a health hazard (e.g. smoke inhalation). Improving coo +

This case study is not yet available.

The micro hydro in Malawi case study is based on the MEGA  - Mulanje Energy Generation Authority - project by Practical Acton.

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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Author: Dr. Bruno Domenech, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 

Electrification systems based on the use of renewable energies can provide much needed electricity to isolated communities, particularly those living in poverty in rural areas. Designs that combine wind and photovoltaic (PV) technologies as well as individual systems and microgrid +

Civil Engineering

Authors: Dr. Priti Parikh, University of London and Andrew Lamb, Engineers Without Borders

This case study looks at a rare and challenging mode of transportation: the gravity ropeway. These are mechanically powered devices that, despite their simplicity, are difficult to implement safely but make a dramatic difference to the movement of goods an +

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