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François Veynandt, Rapsodee Laboratory, Ecole des Mines Albi, France

Learning Outcomes 

  • Study a solar concentrator based on a portion of a parabola curve, with interesting optical characteristics. 
  • Study optical losses on a concentrating solar technology. 
  • Search for information on solar resources and agric +

Author: Mike Clifford, The University of Nottingham

This case study looks at improved cookstoves, drawing from project experiences of the organisation Practical Action, with additional input coming from The University of Nottingham. Many stoves with which people cook are fuel inefficient and a health hazard (e.g. smoke inhalation). Improving coo +

This case study is not yet available.

The micro hydro in Malawi case study is based on the MEGA  - Mulanje Energy Generation Authority - project by Practical Acton.

For more details see:


Water, Sanitation & Waste

Author: Alistair Cook, MBA Student, Colorado State University

This case study looks at plastic recycling. The world’s production and use of plastic materials has increased hugely in the past few decades. In many economically poorer countries, the increase has been higher than the world average and waste plastics are becoming a major waste stream +

Information & Communication Technologies

Case study is not yet available.

Javier Simó-Reigadas, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Since  their  conception,  IP  networks  have  been  generally  used  under  the  best-effort paradigm. Then, several QoS-aware IP network architectures were proposed in the last two  decades  by  the  IETF  and  other  actors,  being  DiffServ  the  most  succe +

Case study is not yet available.

Manuel Silvestre, TEDECO (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
Susana Muñoz Hernández, TEDECO (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
Miguel Angel Rubio, TEDECO (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).


Take into account all the existing problems to design an appropriate solution.
Use the free software +

This case study is not yet available. 

Improving Health Conditions with ICTs is based on work by ONGAWA.


This case study is not yet available. 

Authors: Celia Fernández Aller, Technical University of Madrid & Rafael Miñano Rubio, Technical University of Madrid.

The ethical and social issues are included in engineering degree programs of many universities. In the present globalized world, the impacts of the engineering profession are growing in imp +

Manufacturing & Process Industries

Case study is not yet available.

Dr. Maribel Ortego, Department of Applied Mathematics III, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Enric Lloret, Civil engineer consultant, MSc in Technologies for Human Development candidate

Water,  sanitation  and  hygiene  (WASH)  are  essential for  health,  welfare  and  livelihoods. Increased  access  and  b +

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