Radio Communications Systems in Rural Environments

This case study is not yet available. 

Authors: Celia Fernández Aller, Technical University of Madrid & Rafael Miñano Rubio, Technical University of Madrid.

The ethical and social issues are included in engineering degree programs of many universities. In the present globalized world, the impacts of the engineering profession are growing in importance, society is becoming more aware of them, and both professionals and institutions have to assume the responsibility that their expertise and these impacts of their actions confer to them.


  • Awareness of professional, social and ethical responsibility in the practice of engineering.
  • Identify relevant ethical and social issues in the practice of engineering.
  • Knowledge and use of some tools and references to analyze ethical and social issues in the practice of engineering.


The class activity (2 hours) consists in analyzing different social and ethical dilemmas in small groups (4-6 students) and sharing afterwards the conclusions and reflections of each group. The dilemmas are related to professional situations in the context of the case: one is

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