Integrating Sustainable Human Development into Engineering Design

Mention in the first edition of the "European award for best practice for the integration of SHD (Sustainable Human Development) into technology and engineering education”, in the context of the European project "Global Dimension in Engineering Education ‐ GDEE ",

Authors: Director of the work: David Toll from Durham University.
Other Authors: Stephen Luard, Steven Robertson, Kenneth Watson, Arganthaël Berson, Peter Waugh, John Garside.

Undergraduate students at Durham University have been educated in Sustainable Human Development through the means of the Design course in the second year of the MEng programme. The focus of these activities has been the Engineering Without Borders (EWB) Challenge, tackling projects to develop innovative and appropriate project solutions that can make a real contribution towards the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Students from Durham University were highly successful in the way they tackled these design projects and a group of these undergraduate students were the winners of the EWB challenge 2013. Their winning design was a rice‐husk gasification system engineered to provide sustainable and reliable electrical energy to the Anh Minh district in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam.