Introducing Sustainability and Human Development Skills at the Barcelona School of Informatics using Service Learning.

Mention in the first edition of the "European award for best practice for the integration of SHD (Sustainable Human Development) into technology and engineering education”, in the context of the European project "Global Dimension in Engineering Education ‐ GDEE ",

Authors: Director of the work: David López from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.Other Authors: Marc Alier, Jose Cabré, David Franquesa, Jordi Garcia, Helena García, Fermín Sánchez, Eva Vidal.

The SEECS team (Sustainability, Education and Ethics in Computing and Services) consists of people from different knowledge areas of Information and Communication Technologies: Computer Architecture, Electronic Engineering, Management and Software Engineering. Ours is not an institutional group created by our University, but a group of people with a great interest and experience in topics like cooperation, sustainability and commitment to the community. We have come together spontaneously because of our common interests, forming the core of the UPC Sustainability and Human Development (S&HD) network as regards ICT issues. Here we present the strategy used to integrate S&HD skills into the Barcelona School of Informatics. Our experiences drawn from projects on Information and Communication Technologies for Development were introduced into the study plan, including the Bachelor and Master Theses, according to Service Learning principles. To achieve our objectives, we have created a network of committed academics, drawing up new material to help them to introduce and assess these skills in their subjects. We have also created a Reuse Workshop devoted to repairing computers for use in solidarity projects. Finally, we have introduced S&HD ideas into the Ph.D. theses we supervise. Now, in the accomplishment of our goals, S&HD skills are fully integrated into our study plan. Furthermore, additional benefits of our initiative have emerged, leading to an increase in S&HD projects.