The Integration of Education for Development in the Civil Engineering School of the University of Granada.

Awarded in the first edition of the "European award for best practice for the integration of SHD (Sustainable Human Development) into technology and engineering education”, in the context of the European project "Global Dimension in Engineering Education ‐ GDEE ",

Authors: Director of the work: Javier Ordóñez from Universidad de Granada.
Other Authors: Domingo Barrera, Josefa Capel.

Since 2002 the University of Granada has been working to integrate Education for Development into its Civil Engineering degree course. In academic year 2002‐2003 final year students were offered the chance of doing a Final Year Project (FYP) on the subject of Cooperation for Development (FYPCD). Some years later in 2006 at the behest of the Centre for Initiatives for Cooperation for Development (CICD) it was decided to offer a subject entitled: “Inequality, Cooperation and Technology for Development (ICTD)”. This subject, which is worth six 6 ECTS credits, introduces the students to the field of Cooperation for Development and allows them to carry out practical work involving, among other things an infrastructure project within the context of Cooperation for Development. From academic year 2005‐ 2006 onwards with the approval by the Centre for Initiatives for Cooperation for Development of the University of Granada (CICD) of the 1st Call for Applications for Grants for University Practical Work in the field of Development and Cooperation, students were offered the chance to apply for grants to enable them to travel to the country where the work was to take place so that they could perform different tasks in relation to the project. Over 500 students have been trained in a variety of subjects relating to cooperation for development within the context of engineering and a number of companies have also become involved in the project.