The Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) network brings together like-minded technical academics from across Europe with an aim to increasing the awareness, critical understanding, and attitudinal values of undergraduate and postgraduate students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD), especially as it relates to technology. 

The aims of the GDEE Network are to:

  1. To raise awareness of GD-related topics among group members
  2. To strengthen the sharing of experience, viewpoints and knowledge
  3. To promote the GDEE project’s activities, such as courses and workshops.
  4. To facilitate the sharing of GD-related resources for teaching and learning

By registering, users will be able to download our documents and resources, sign-up for courses we run, find information on how to apply for the GDEE Awards more easily, subscribe to a newsletter, and more. So please register below!

We are also active on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn group will be used to facilitate discussions among group members on topics related to SHD and education.  It will also allow for members to share their own experiences and best practices, to engage in resource development, and to help shape the direction of the GDEE project as a whole. Please join our LinkedIn network below!